Friday, December 23, 2011

The Vazquez Sounds signed with SonyMusic

The story behind Justin Bieber and his success seems to repeat emerged on YouTube, but now in Mexico and a trio of boys soul fans.For several weeks the group Sounds Vazquez ranks as the new star of the popular video site to register millions of view to cover the song "Rolling In The Deep", Adele British original.But unlike Bieber, Abelardo brothers, Gustavo and Angie Vazquez, 15, 13 and 10 years respectively, have a father dedicated to musical production that was behind the creation of groups such as Reik and Nikki Clan.A few weeks after her song released on the Internet signed a recording contract with Sony Music Mexico-whose catalog also Nikki Clan Reik and so the speculation that the sudden success of Vazquez was devised by the company slow to emerge.The boys' father, who is also the producer of the trio, denied that the success of this musical project is due to a plan created by him and the label."My children have musical training from an early age, because I have spent many years in the production of groups. We tend to make many videos of different things, but my son had a concern Abelardo record this and share it with family and friends, "said Abelardo Vazquez father told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from Mexicali, Baja California."For Sony the physical material (CD) is important, and we decided that if the song (Rolling In The Deep) and was being sold everywhere, it would be best to release for sale in a sort of compilation" he said.Although the relationship with Sony Vazquez was born eight years ago, Roberto Lopez, president of the label, said he and his team were unaware of the existence of Sounds Vazquez and the group heard like the rest of the people through YouTube."For our team this project is new, requires a strong personal care to children. We are setting a standard of work being done almost on a house is a nice challenge," said the manager.The album that launched the Sounds Vazquez is an EP this week include the cover on "Rolling In The Deep", a remix and a soul song track, plus his version of "All I Want for Christmas is You" as made famous Mariah Carey and the U.S. also was recorded by Bieber in his latest album "Under the Mistletoe".Vazquez said the launch of the EP decided in conjunction with the record label to distribute the cover that has caused such a sensation on the Internet, and reiterated that he, as a family hub, has absolute power over the project to shape their children."Signing with Sony does not mean something traditional, is a new profile of participation between the two parties, we (the family Vazquez) and the record. It is not the typical record contract that used to have, which controlled the careers of artists are familiar with this whole project, "said the producer.Originating in Mexicali, Sounds Vazquez caught the attention of the media and the public in the world, when on 11 November, Abelardo, the older brother, went to YouTube the video of his version of "Rolling in the Deep" .In the video he and Gustavo are executed with great skill on bass, piano and drums, while the small Angie captivates listeners with her heartfelt interpretation of the song."I really did not expect that the cover would become a phenomenon in the network," said Abelardo Vazquez.The video, professionally produced, recorded more than 15 million views in just over four weeks, attracting interest worldwide for this new phenomenon on YouTube, compared with the rise of Canadian Bieber, who in 2008 was discovered through the famous video site for a music industry executive.The Sounds Vazquez have caused such a furor that have received invitations to appear on major television programs in countries such as USA, Italy, Britain and Mexico.The Sounds Vazquez version of a "Rolling In The Deep" has been held for two consecutive weeks at number one most downloaded songs on iTunes Mexico, followed by Adele's original version, according to the "Top Charts" of the online music store.Meanwhile, his version "All I Want for Christmas is You" was placed this week in the third position of that site.The Sounds Vazquez also gave new impetus to Adele as their version of "Rolling In The Deep", the singer returned to the list of iTunes downloads in Mexico several weeks out of the count."It is difficult to assess whether Adele sold more records after discovery of the Sounds Vazquez, she is an artist who is doing very well, but something I am sure many people heard about thanks to Adele Vazquez Sounds, "Lopez said.Abelardo Vazquez said that although there were proposals by the rest of the record in Mexico, including foreign stamps, Sony Music Mexico was the only one adapted to the conditions he asked as a parent and producer of his children."Children are not required to fulfill promotional obligations as the other artists. No time histories to deliver records and my children will make presentations, unless they wish. We want them (kids) live a life like any child of his age and that the school is your priority, "said Vazquez.The producer added that the agreement between him and the company provides only the distribution of the group's music worldwide."We have agreed to all terms, is very special because they are children, and we want to continue studying. The agreement was that its activity in the music that comes from years, remain without altering their lifestyle," stated Lopez.Vazquez confirmed that for now the work plans between the Sounds and the record Vazquez contemplate the EP just released for sale, and a CD compilation in which the issues gather from month to month the trio debut on iTunes and YouTube in 2012.

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